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Founded in Montreal in 1983, RODA Packaging distributes plastic packaging components, containers and closures, and fibre cartridges for sealants.

In 2006, the sale of the company puts wind in its sails.

In 2013, to respond to the growing demand from the food & beverage, cosmetic and nutraceutical industries, RODA makes significant investments and repositions its activities. RODA also creates a nationwide network of storage facilities to facilitate growth.

In 2019, building on this momentum, RODA acquires Rada Industries, a long-time supplier and partner, which provides RODA with expanded capacities and services.

Today, a wide range of businesses consider the experienced team at RODA to be an essential component in their supply chains.

Each year at RODA we deliver more than 80 million pieces of packaging.

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  • Our mission is to provide and deliver a wide range of plastic containers and closures that showcase your products.
  • We seek to respond to the unique needs of your brand by proposing a wide range of innovative and durable products, both in-stock and on-order.
  • We provide our clients with quality service, fast turnaround times and unparalleled market expertise to be your plastic packaging partner of choice.

Durable packaging

  • We’re always looking for new packaging solutions with which to impress our clients, help your products fly off the shelves and improve customer experience.

Constant innovation

  • We’re always seeking new ways to make your products stand out and are sensitive to the environmental impact of our actions

Experienced team

  • We’re a widely experienced and dedicated team of professionals, enthusiastic to put our expertise to work for your products.

Excellent value for money

  • Our high-transactional volumes enable us to provide unbeatable pricing and optimized logistics. Ask us for details!

Large inventories

  • Every day, we have over 4 million products in stock, ready to be shipped worldwide.


  • We provide highly efficient, top-level logistical services with ultra-fast turnaround times.

Strategic warehousing

  • We have distribution centres in Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver.

RODA is a proud member of the Packaging Consortium, a not-for-profit corporation focused on finding intelligent solutions for the future.

Case studies

Metro – “Irresistibles” brand spices

In 2017, Metro, the supermarket and food distribution experts with over 600 stores across Canada, called on its spice supplier and RODA to create a distinctive turn-key solution for “Irresistibles”, its in-house brand. RODA guided its client and Metro throughout all steps of the process: from initial designs to final product launch—including 3D modelling and rounds of production sampling.

Yardworks for Canadian Tire – Collaborating from A to Z

In collaboration with Canadian Tire, the widely-respected Canadian retailer, RODA created a customized packaging solution for the Yardworks brand of de-icing salt. The RODA team spearheaded all stages of design and creation, providing label components and manpower to create labeling on two sides of the containers. RODA delivered its unique packaging solution in record time, with the product hitting the shelves in time for winter 2018-19.

PPG – Seamless logistics

For several years, PPG, an American Fortune 500 company and global supplier of paints, coatings, and specialty materials, has counted on RODA to supply a high volume of fibre cartridges. With RODA’s on-time delivery rate surpassing 99% and a product rejection rate inferior to 0.01%, PPG considers RODA and Econopac to be high calibre business partners that bring special value to their supply chain.

Lush – an eco-friendly “first”

During the summer of 2018, Lush, a natural cosmetics company which seeks to reduce or completely eliminate preservatives and packaging, challenged RODA to create a closure made from 100% recycled plastic, one that meets with the environmental values of the company. After 6 months of R&D and numerous rounds of quality testing, you can find the closure on shelves across North America.

Fit Foods – Storage and inventory management

RODA ensures the optimal management of orders for Fit Foods Manufacturing, an internationally-recognized manufacturer of nutritional supplements in powder format which ships high-volumes of product worldwide. Fit Foods counts on the excellence of RODA’s service and logistical expertise to ensure on-time delivery, every time.

Genacol – Excellence in design and customer experience

In 2017, Genacol, the most popular brand of collagen to maintain the health of articulations, distributed in over 40 countries worldwide, selected a RODA packaging solution for the launch of its new product. Twelve months later, the product was the category leader according to Nielsen.

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Tell us about your project and we’ll recommend the products that are best suited to your needs.