RODA Packaging’s management team is happy to announce the acquisition of all RADA Industries assets through its management company.

After 12 years counting RADA Industries as one of its trusted suppliers, RODA Packaging’s management team acquired the company as part of its strategic growth plan. Operating under its new name, Rada Industries (2019) Inc, this new Quebec business entity will help fill specific gaps in the market offering.

A smooth transition

Initiated on April 8, 2019, the transition hasn’t affected operations nor the company’s structure, thanks to an efficient and highly adaptable team. Stéphan Berthiaume, President, and Isabelle Lehoux, Director of Finances and Human Resources have both joined the organization.

Efficiency and respect for the environment

”The transaction allows us to unite production capacities, sales forces and pan-Canadian distribution,” explains Stéphan Berthiaume. “We believe in the intrinsic value of the Quebec business model shared by our clients. We’re building for the future with a combination of increased production capacity and investments in technology which will be forthcoming in the next few months. We’re also committed to becoming a collaborative hub and an important centre for the integration of recycled resin. Reusing plastic, instead of burying it, and releasing smaller amounts of greenhouse gases—these will be our contributions to the circular economy, local redevelopment and to the planet’s wellbeing for generations to come!”